Research Support

The HBC provides support to investigators in the behavioral, biological, chemical, engineering, physical and pharmaceutical sciences, as long as the scientific effort of such investigators falls within the general category of biomedical research.

HBC Six Thematic Areas

HBC research participants have a wide variety of scientific interests, many of which relate to six major research themes. These themes represent areas of scientific research in which several HBC Investigators are conducting research and have recognized expertise. The six thematic areas are:

  1. Cancer/Molecular Biology/Developmental Biology
  2. Chemical Biology and Drug Design
  3. Drug Metabolism, Toxicity and Pharmacogenomics
  4. Infectious Diseases and Vaccine Discovery
  5. Neuroscience and Neurodegenerative Diseases
  6. Protein Structure and Function

How Does HBC Helps?

To create a scientific climate conducive to investigator interactions and scientific exploration, the HBC administration has developed a variety of internally funded programs that offer:

For all awarded general grants, provide three percent of F&A to be administered at the Principal Investigator’s discretion with the assistance of the HBC. Programmatic grants and Training grants follow other rules.  The HBC also supports special conferences and lecture series that offer opportunities for scientific interactions, and discussion of future research collaborations with other KU faculties. A comprehensive list of all that HBC does for its participants can be found on the About HBC webpage.

Researcher working at a computer in a research laboratory
Two scientists discussing an experiment in a laboratory while another scientist reads a document
Scientist in protective gear looking at a microscope slide in a laboratory