List of Recent Awards

Project/Grant Title
Award Start
Cory Berkland  Development of SAgA-T1D as Type 1 Diabetes Antigen Specific ImmunotherapyHelmsley Charitable Trust$3,005,83909/01/2022
Dan Dixon  In vivo model for assessment of intestinal adenoma-derived extracellular vesiclesUniversity of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute$25,00009/01/2022
Scott Hefty  Functional Genomics for ChlamydiaUniversity of Washington$275,46809/01/2022
Joanna Slusky  MFB: NSF-BSF: Data-Adaptive and Metamorphosis Machine Learning Architectures for Generative Protein Design of Metal BiosensorsNational Science Foundation$1,500,00009/01/2022
Laird Forrest  Development of a tumor-retentive immunostimulant as adjunct therapy for solid tumor cancersKinimmune$160,18209/07/2022
Kristi Neufeld  Roles for Adenomatous polyposis coli in colon injury prevention and wound healingNational Institutes of Health$1,104,18509/22/2022
Christian Schöneich  Kinetics of methionine oxidation in peptidesAbbVie Inc.$50,00010/26/2022
Kristi Neufeld  Identification of tumorigenic APC mutant interacting proteinsUniversity of Kansas$25,00011/01/2022
Christian Schöneich  SubQ Application of Biologics - in vivo degradation in the SubQ space as impact factor for reduced bioavailabilityNovartis Pharma AG$310,00011/22/2022
Anthony Fehr  Identifying the targets of virus-induced PARPs during SARS-CoV-2 infectionNational Institutes of Health$424,18412/22/2022
Stuart Macdonald  A Resource for the Genetic Dissection of Complex TraitsNational Institutes of Health$2,962,23901/01/2023
Jingxin Wang  Small molecule enhances anti-cancer tumor radiosensitivity via activation of the cGAS-STING pathwayUniversity of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute$10,00001/01/2023
Robin Orozco  Pro-autoimmune allele of PTPN22 influences immune cell functions during virus infectionKU Center for Genomics$9,99802/07/2023
Jae Young Choi Recombination rate variation and evolutionary mechanisms of adaptive radiationKU Center for Genomics$13,90902/08/2023