List of Recent Awards

Project/Grant Title
Award Start
Laird ForrestImmunAdvisor: High-Throughput T Cell Receptor Discovery for Affordable Commercial Personalized Cancer TherapiesMidwest Biomedical Accelerator Consortium$46,32409/01/2021
Scott LovellStructural Genomics Center for Infectious DiseasesSeattle Children's Hospital$366,42709/01/2021
Stuart MacdonaldLinking genomic physiological and behavioral responses to copper stressUniversity of Kansas$22,80009/01/2021
Jennifer RobinsonBiomaterial technologies for interrogating sex differences in tissue repair and homeostasisNational Institutes of Health$1,850,18509/01/2021
Shyam Sathyamoorthi Tethered aza-Wacker Technology for Complex Antibiotic AssemblyNational Institutes of Health$1,864,70809/01/2021
Liang Xu Improve cancer immunotherapy by targeting RNA-binding protein HuRMidwest Biomedical Accelerator Consortium$153,00009/01/2021
Ronak Tilvawala  Engineering Native E. coli to Detect Report and Treat Colorectal CancerUniversity of California San Diego$111,27509/21/2021
Xu, LiangPrecision cancer medicine targeting the RNA-binding protein MusashiUniversity of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute$50,00010/01/2021
David Volkin  Analytical Characterization and Formulation Development of Vaccine Candidates Targeted for Low- and Middle- Income Countries (LMICs)Gates Foundation$9,476,86511/19/2021
Heng DumtDNA leakage and STING-dependent microglial innate immune response in Alzheimer's diseaseNational Institutes of Health$2,379,23801/15/2022
Scott LovellSmall molecules for perturbing iron homeostasis in bacterial biofilmsLouisiana State University$344,25002/15/2022
Kristi NeufeldNuclear Adenomatous polyposis coli as transcriptional driver influences microbial composition of mouse gutUniversity of Kansas$8,93803/01/2022
David Volkin  Creating high-resolution epitope-focused vaccinesStanford University$147,56504/01/2022