List of Recent Awards

Project/Grant Title
Award Start
Wendy PickingShigella conjugate Immunization study plan (IVT-SHIG-2)Inventprise LLC$46,80706/01/2021
Dan DixonColon Cancer Chemoprevention Through Inhibition of Exportin 1 (XPO1)University of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute$35,00007/01/2021
Heng DuGhrelin resistance in Alzheimer’s diseaseUniversity of Kansas$25,00007/01/2021
Michael JohnsonLight-Initiated Zinc Signaling in Parkinson's DiseaseJ.R. and Inez Jay Fund$25,00007/01/2021
Eduardo Rosa-MolinarElucidating and disrupting de novo GBM tumor cell-neuron synapsesUniversity of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute$35,00007/01/2021
William PickingApplying novel approaches to obtain the molecular structures of difficult T3SS proteinsJ.R. and Inez Jay Fund$25,00007/01/2021
Shyam SathyamoorthiDevelopment of New Antibacterial Agents: A Synthesis of the Antibiotic Enacyloxin IIa for the Generation of Therapeutic AnaloguesJ.R. and Inez Jay Fund$25,00007/01/2021
Xu, LiangIntegrative Functional Profiling of Tumor-Derived Extracellular VesiclesUniversity of Florida$226,33207/01/2021
Wendy PickingA Vaccine Specifically Targeting T3SS-negative Pseudomonas AeruginosaNational Institutes of Health$416,62507/12/2021
Scott HeftyCOBRE Chemical Biology of Infectious DiseaseNational Institutes of Health$11,348,85608/01/2021
Robert UncklessEAGER: Toward a tractable genetic model of DNA virus - Drosophila interactionNational Science Foundation$253,57308/01/2021
Scott LovellSmall molecule inhibitors against 3C-like protease of SARS-CoV-2Kansas State University$75,75008/06/2021
Christian SchoeneichMechanistic Understanding of Polysorbate 20/80 Oxidation Due to Potential Process Related Impurities in Biologic Drug ProductEli Lilly Co$200,00008/13/2021
Sarah WuTargeting RNA-binding protein HuR as a novel therapy for lethal prostate cancerDepartment of Defense$853,25408/15/2021
Lan GuoMitochondrial DNA stress and STING-dependent microglial activation in Alzheimer's diseaseUniversity of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute$60,00008/27/2021
Scott LovellStructural Genomics Center for Infectious DiseasesSeattle Children's Hospital$366,42709/01/2021
Stuart MacdonaldLinking genomic physiological and behavioral responses to copper stressUniversity of Kansas$22,80009/01/2021
Jennifer RobinsonBiomaterial technologies for interrogating sex differences in tissue repair and homeostasisNational Institutes of Health$1,850,18509/01/2021
Shyam Sathyamoorthi Tethered aza-Wacker Technology for Complex Antibiotic AssemblyNational Institutes of Health$1,864,70809/01/2021