List of Recent Awards

Project/Grant Title
Award Start
Brian Ackley  Ultrastructural analysis of synaptic degeneration in rapidly developing AD models levelJ.R. & Inez Jay Fund$20,00007/01/2022
Yoshiaki Azuma   Specific Chromatin Interaction of DNA Topoisomerase II Isoforms and its Role on Regulation of their Cellular FunctionUniversity of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute$10,00007/01/2022
David Davido  Identifying regions in HSV-1 that contribute to neuroinvasivenessJ.R. & Inez Jay Fund$20,00007/01/2022
Anthony Fehr  Discovery and Optimization of SARS-CoV-2 Mac1 InhibitorsJ.R. & Inez Jay Fund$20,00007/01/2022
Lan Guo  Mitochondrial DNA oxidative damages and microglial activation in Alzheimer's diseaseBrightFocus Foundation$300,00007/01/2022
David JohnsonPTPRD phosphatase inhibitors for stimulant use disordersUniversity of Maryland$26,77507/01/2022
Sue Lunte  Molecular Analysis of Disease PathwaysNational Institutes of Health$5,737,50007/01/2022
Kristi Neufeld  Cancer Center Support Grant - Cancer Biology ProgramUniversity of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute$28,94907/01/2022
Eduardo Rosa-Molinar   Neuroglial Tumor Synapse RevisitedUniversity of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute$10,00007/01/2022
Shyam SathyamoorthiSyntheses and Biological Evaluation of Underexplored Antibiotics and AnaloguesUniversity of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute$25,00007/01/2022
Jingxin Wang  Systematic identification of splicing-modulating regulatory elementsW.M. Keck Foundation$1,200,00007/01/2022
Jingxin Wang  Down-regulation of Interferon Signaling by Splicing ModulatorsUniversity of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute$25,00007/01/2022
Dan Dixon  Cancer Center Support Grant - Drug Discovery Delivery and Experimental Therapeutics Component (D3ET)University of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute$31,53907/26/2022
Laird Forrest  Personalized T Cell Therapy for Mantle Cell LymphomaUniversity of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute$35,00007/26/2022
Michael JohnsonSub-cellular Neurotransmitter Population Dynamics in ChemobrainUniversity of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute$35,00007/26/2022
Steven Bloom  New catalytic strategies to make non-proteinogenic peptidesNational Institutes of Health$1,912,50008/01/2022
Amy Burgin  Bridges to the Baccalaureate Research Training Program at the University of Kansas/Haskell Indian Nations UniversityNational Institutes of Health$1,233,74808/01/2022
Jingxin Wang  Modulating gene expression by RNA-targeting chimerasNational Institutes of Health$1,912,50008/01/2022
Cory Berkland  Development of SAgA-T1D as Type 1 Diabetes Antigen Specific ImmunotherapyHelmsley Charitable Trust$3,005,83909/01/2022
Dan Dixon  In vivo model for assessment of intestinal adenoma-derived extracellular vesiclesUniversity of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute$25,00009/01/2022
Scott Hefty  Functional Genomics for ChlamydiaUniversity of Washington$275,46809/01/2022
Joanna Slusky  MFB: NSF-BSF: Data-Adaptive and Metamorphosis Machine Learning Architectures for Generative Protein Design of Metal BiosensorsNational Science Foundation$1,500,00009/01/2022
Laird Forrest  Development of a tumor-retentive immunostimulant as adjunct therapy for solid tumor cancersKinimmune$160,18209/07/2022
Kristi Neufeld  Roles for Adenomatous polyposis coli in colon injury prevention and wound healingNational Institutes of Health$1,104,18509/22/2022
Christian Schöneich  Kinetics of methionine oxidation in peptidesAbbVie Inc.$50,00010/26/2022
Christian Schöneich  SubQ Application of Biologics - in vivo degradation in the SubQ space as impact factor for reduced bioavailabilityNovartis Pharma AG$310,00011/22/2022
Anthony Fehr  Identifying the targets of virus-induced PARPs during SARS-CoV-2 infectionNational Institutes of Health$424,18412/22/2022