Proposal Development Travel Award

In the development of multi-investigator proposals, it is not infrequent that an HBC Investigator needs to work together with a colleague residing at another institution, or that the HBC Investigator needs to consult with program officers at the funding agency. In such cases, proposal planning and development is often facilitated by face-to-face discussions between or among these individuals. For that purpose, HBC Investigators have requested and received funds that would allow them to pursue such activities.


Applicants must hold Principal Investigator status with the University of Kansas and must plan to submit the related grant through the HBC Proposal Preparation Services.


Provide support for travel which will enhance grant proposals and increase the likelihood of funding.  Examples of travel which are funded by this program:

  • Grant Preparation: fund travel to meet with non-KU collaborators
  • Agency Representatives: fund travel to meet with agency representative prior to proposal submission
  • Reverse Site Visit: fund travel for proposal review for program projects or center proposals

Application Procedure

Complete the Proposal Development Travel Award Application online form. Please contact Paula Hinman at for questions about the status of your request.

Application deadline

Applications accepted at anytime. Applications should be made at least 30 days prior to travel date, when possible.

Evaluation Criteria

Overall impact of the travel award on the likelihood of funding and the overall benefit to the HBC of the award (return on investment). Examples of benefit to the HBC are the following:

  • Indirect costs funds generated by grant
  • Grant provides data for future grant submission
  • Grant is the first grant for a young/new investigator. The grant will serve as a springboard for future proposals.


For clarification or additional information please contact Paula Hinman
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