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Proposal Services

One of the mission of the HBC is to assist researchers in submitting successful proposals. The HBC offers several services to help in this endeavor.

What We Do For You

The level of services offered will be determined by the Principal  Investigator’s preferences.  We provide assistance with a variety of grant proposal needs listed below:

Available Services

If requested, the HBC will have scientific text of proposals edited by an experienced scientific technical writer.  As this service is contracted with an outside consultant, we must be informed of the requested service as soon as possible.  Due to scheduling constraints, a minimum of four weeks notice is required.  A draft of the text must be submitted for editing at least two weeks prior to submission deadline.  If you are interested in this service, please contact Paula Himnan at

If requested, the HBC will assist in gathering a group of knowledgeable external reviewers to provide individual blind reviews of the scientific text of your proposal to provide you with feedback prior to submission.  Due to scheduling constraints, a minimum of six weeks notice is required.  If you are interested in this service, please contact Paula Himnan at

Proposal Development Travel Awards can be available to investigators working on the development of multi-investigator proposals.  For more information, please consult our Proposal Development Travel Award page.

How to Submit a Proposal Through HBC

The HBC proposal submission is done through KUCR Pre-Award Services.  For new proposal development assistance, please email, and the appropriate team leader will assign a preparer to work with you.  Please mention that you want the proposal to be through the HBC.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about proposal preparation, please contact us.
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