Jonathan Miller

Jonathan Miller
  • Assistant Research Professor

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Multidisciplinary Research Building, room 152


Dr. Jonathan Miller is an interdisciplinary scientist with expertise across several disciplines.  He has published research on neuromuscular physiology, biomechanics, materials science, sensor engineering, wearable technology, and other topics.  Currently his focus is on the development of smart materials for soft sensors, soft robotics, and wearable technology.  He has developed a soft, magnetic 3D force sensor and is exploring its use in wearable technology such as shoe insoles and helmets.  Shoe insoles with this type of sensing capabilities can enable high-fidelity gait measurement that doesn’t require gait laboratory equipment or trained personnel and provides an opportunity for advancing and scaling gait screening for the aging population.

Selected Publications

Miller, J.D., Cabarkapa, D., Hermes, M.J., Fry, A.C., Berkland, C.J. Soft magnetic composites as quantitative 3D compression sensors for wearable technology. Advanced Materials Technologies. 7(3): 2100784. 2022.

Miller, J.D., Lippman, J.D., Trevino, M.A., Herda, T.J. Neural drive is greater for a high-intensity contraction than for moderate-intensity contractions performed to fatigue. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 34(11): 3013-3031. 2020. *Received the Gary A. Dudley Memorial Paper: Scientific Manuscript Excellence Honor