HBC Research Seminars

The HBC organizes two types of Research Seminars:

  • Interdisciplinary seminars are designed to allow faculty members to invite colleagues and potential collaborators to present their science and discuss future collaborations with KU faculty.  HBC participants are encouraged to nominate speakers for this seminar series.
  • Professional Research Seminars are designed to allow either HBC-affiliated Research Professors or Core Laboratory Directors to present their work or their laboratory capabilities in formal seminar sessions.  In the case of HBC-affiliated Research Professors, it allows investigators in the biomedical sciences to learn about their research, provide them with feedback, and consider future joint projects with them.  In the case of Core Laboratory presentations, it allows investigators to better understand the laboratory capabilities and how their services can help them progress in their research.

The HBC aims to host two to three such speakers each year.

Audience listening at a HBC Research Seminar Presentation