HBC March 2021 News Bulletin

HBC New Internal Advisory Committee Members

Prajnaparamita DharJosie Chandler

The HBC recently added two new members to its Internal Advisory Committee.  We would like to welcome Dr. Josie Chandler, associate professor of molecular biosciences, and Dr. Prajnaparamita Dhar, associate professor of chemical and petroleum engineering.  Both have been HBC participants for many years and we thank them for joining the committee.  The HBC advisory committee, chaired by John Stobaugh, interim director of HBC, has nine members that represent most of HBC participants’ departments.

Reminder - Inaugural Lecture of the Brenda Shivers Lecture Series

Eugenia Trushina The Higuchi Biosciences Center will be hosting the inaugural lecture of the Brenda Shivers Lecture Series, via zoom. The invited speaker is  Dr. Eugenia Trushina, professor of neurology and pharmacology at the Mayo Clinic.  The presentation will be on May 14, 2021, at 10:00 am and is titled: “Exploiting mitochondrial signaling for therapy of neurodegenerative diseases.”  Please contact Nicole Suchy at hbcevents@ku.edu to register for the event.  The biography and abstract are available on the Inaugural Brenda Shivers Lecture webpage.

HBC Equipment Award Competition and J.R. & Inez Jay call for proposals – April 9, 2021, deadline

  • Applications for the equipment award competition  are currently being accepted.  Up to three awards not to exceed $15,000 each will be funded.    Be sure to send the completed Equipment Purchase Request form to Paula Hinman at phinman@ku.edu by the April 9, 2021, deadline.
  • Applications for the 2021 J.R. & Inez Jay Fund proposal submission are also currently being accepted.  The instructions and are available on the Apply for J.R. & Inez Jay Fund webpage.  Two awards not to exceed $30,000 each will be funded this year.  Please be sure to apply by the April 9, 2021, deadline.

Equipment Disposition – What to keep in mind

An inventory of equipment assets with original values of $5,000 or more is kept by KU in accordance with the Federal Uniform Guidance and Kansas Statutes.  When a piece of equipment needs to be disposed of, please do the following:

  • Before disposing of an asset, contact the HBC equipment coordinator André Faucher at dagon1@ku.edu.
  • Please have handy the following information when contacting him:
    • Asset tag number (located on the piece of equipment)
    • A short description of the asset
    • The condition of the asset (working, not working, obsolete)
  • The equipment coordinator will discuss with you how the asset can be disposed of. 
  • The equipment coordinator will then submit a Disposition of Asset form to Central Property Accounting.  The equipment cannot be disposed of or used for parts until the request is approved.

In addition, to help maintain correct inventory information, you should always immediately contact the equipment coordinator, André Faucher at dagon1@ku.edu, when an asset is moved to a different location, changes custodian, or is returned to the vendor after purchase and delivery.  The equipment coordinator will take the necessary steps to have the inventory information updated, which will facilitate the annual inventory review.

NIH HHS Small Business Programs Conference

The 2021 Health and Human Services (HHS) Small Business Programs Conference is  scheduled for April 26-30 and will be held virtually. The theme of the event is Diverse Perspectives SEEDing Impactful Innovations.  The  NIH HHS Small Business Programs Conference Registration is currently open and is free.  More information is available on the 2021 HHS Small Business Programs Conference webpage.