Budget sheet with calculator and pen

Grant Management

The HBC assist PIs with overall grant management, coordination & collaboration, audit risk mitigation, research compliance requirements, analysis, as well as consult with PIs on issues impacting their research.

What We Do For You

The mission of the HBC Grant Management Services is to provides research support and help administer funds from a variety of sources, including the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation and private foundations.

Award Management

  • Assist with overall grant management
  • Assist with problem resolution and advanced grant management services
  • Meet as needed with PI to coordinate financial plan
  • Approve the set up of provisional accounts for grants
  • Assist setting up of research laboratories rate structure
  • For all awarded general grants, provide three percent of F&A to be administered at the Principal Investigator’s discretion with the assistance of the HBC. Programmatic grants and Training grants follow other rules.

Human Resources

  • Assist with Human Resources including NNRs, affiliate status, fellowships, moving expense/reimbursements, effort reporting/certifications, performance/disciplinary issues, transfers, merit, salary increases, change in FTE, leave without pay, terminations, etc.
  • Provide HBC Research Professor appointments to scientists not directly affiliated with a given department or to retired faculty
  • Assist with visas, work authorizations, certifications, etc.