About HBC

The Higuchi Biosciences Center (HBC) was established in 1989 and is a center of centers engaged in biomedical research at the University of Kansas. As a designated research center of the University of Kansas Office of Research, the HBC seeks to enhance the environment for interdisciplinary basic research. To that end, the center provides research support and administers funds from a variety of sources, including the NIH, NSF, industrial partners, and private foundations.
Researcher performing a laboratory experiment

Our Mission

The mission of the HBC is to foster an environment conducive to interdisciplinary biomedical research by providing support to investigators whose scientific effort falls within the general category of biomedical research.

What We Do For Investigators

Provide Funding Opportunities

  • Fund startup or pilot projects of collaborative research
  • Fund the acquisition of shared instrumentation
  • Contribute to department equipment purchases and major software licenses
  • Provide funding incentives for multi-investigator, interdisciplinary projects
  • Support HBC Investigators in unique circumstances
  • For all awarded general grants, provide three percent of F&A to be administered at the Principal Investigator’s discretion with the assistance of the HBC. Programmatic grants and Training grants follow other rules.

Help With Grant Applications And Administration

  • Support external review of pre-proposals
  • Fund travel awards for proposal development
  • Provide training in grant writing
  • Help with the development of multi-investigator research programs proposals
  • Relieve our participating researchers of the non-scientific work involved in grant writing and submission
  • Offer Research Professor appointments
  • Provide support in resolving issues with post-award administration
  • Provide laboratory space and opportunities for equipment sharing

Support Scientific Enrichment And Training Activities

  • Organize and support several symposia and meetings each year
  • Sponsor meetings organized by other units
  • Advise Young Investigators on how to compete for research grants, how to set up their laboratories, and how to establish collaborations across disciplines
  • Provide Young Investigator support through the Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence
  • Provide training programs to Pre- and Post-Doctoral researchers through the Kansas Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence programs
  • Promote translational research in the biomedical sciences
  • Organize two to three research seminars each year and the Brenda Shivers Lecture Series

As a hub for basic research, we keep a finger on the pulse of cutting-edge discovery. Discoveries made by scientists affiliated with the center have led to translational research and commercial opportunities.

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