Great Plains Regional Annual Symposium on Protein and Biomolecular Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (GRASP NMR)


2020 GRASP NMR Program Schedule

Friday, October 9, 2020 from 2:00 to 4:30 pm CST

Session I      Chair: Dr. Moriah Beck
2:00 pm2:30 pm

Dr. Xiao Heng (University of Missouri)

"Structural studies of the HIV-1 PBS-segment RNA: insights into virus:host interactions in promoting viral infectivity"

Dr. Xiao Heng
2:30 pm2:50 pm

Balabhadra Khatiwada (Iowa State University)

"Investigating the conformational dynamics in human RNA demethylase FTO"

Balabhadra Khatiwada
2:50 pm3:10 pm

Dr. Thomas Schmidt (National Institutes of Health)

"Probing the Maturation of heterodimeric HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase from its homodimeric precursor by Double Electron‐Electron Resonance EPR Spectroscopy"

Dr. Thomas Schmidt
3:10 pm3:20 pmBreak
Session II Chair: Dr. Vincenzo Venditti
3:20 pm3:50 pm

Dr. Nicholas Reiter (Marquette University)

"NMR-based structural biology approaches to understand molecular recognition and conformational dynamics within large protein-nucleic acid systems"

Dr. Nicholas Reiter
3:50 pm4:10 pm

Wyel Halimeh (Wichita State University)

"Dependence of Proline Isomerization on the Kinetics of Folding of Anthrax Lethal Factor"

Wyel Halimeh
4:10 pm4:30 pm

Thomas Gremminger (University of Missouri)

"RNA structure in reverse transcription initiation is important to maintain viral RNA integrity"

Thomas Gremminger

Saturday, October 10, 2020 from 10:00 to 11:10 am CST

Session III Chair: Dr. Gabriel Cook
10:00 am10:30 am

Dr. Catherine Eichhorn (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

"Structural basis for Larp7 recognition of the noncoding 7SK RNA: an NMR-guided approach"

Dr. Catherine Eichhorn
10:30 am10:50 am

Amritangshu Chakravarty (University of Kansas)

"Identification and Characterization of the Binding of Novel Small Molecules to Salmonella Tip Protein SipD"

Amritangshu Chakravarty
10:50 am11:10 am

Dr. Tahnee J. Dening (University of Kansas)

"Understanding Interactions of a Peptide Drug with Bile Salts under Simulated Gastrointestinal Conditions via NMR Spectroscopy"

Dr. Tahnee Dening